Integrated panorama bench holder
The integrated panorama bench holder now features a stepless lateral levelling of
10 degrees each side by means of self-aligning micro drives.

Neiger M 679cs

That is Linhof Precision,
Made in Germany.

Mellenthin Still

© Klaus Mellenthin

Perspective control, avoiding converging lines, use of Scheimpflug rule for depth-of-field control, Anti Scheimflug for obtaining extreme un-sharpness:
Images which can only be
produced by using a professional view camera system. This is the
chance for the photographer to express his own way of creating images.

M 679csLinhof M 679cs –
your decision for your future

A photographer who wants to be successful in these days requires optimum software – his creativity – and optimum hardware – his equipment. Linhof has again improved their camera system
M 679cs without changing the complete compatibility. With this compact view camera system every advanced photographer is free to select either analogue or digital imaging. CCD-chip backs for fast shooting, scan backs for utmost resolution or rollfilm for classic photography. Without any complicated modifications the photographer can change from digital to analogue imaging. All commonly used digital backs and medium format rollfilm backs for 6x6 to 6x9 cm can be adapted without any problem.
Linhof M 679cs long

The Linhof M 679cs was designed to meet all requirements of applied photography. The system includes all controlling elements for the professional photographer, control of perspective, control of depth-of-field, most precise control of image composing. Easy handling is guaranteed. The Linhof system is designed to meet all future requirements. The latest innovations in digital backs, lenses and shutters have already been integrated. The system will accept further modules and accessories without the need of modifications.

> PDF M 679cs (english)
> Linhof universal adapter system, 2013