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Nelson Nasa

1983: NASA astronaut George Nelson using an Aero Technika in the 1983 Discovery space shuttle to photograph the earth´s surface from orbit.

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Day and night inquiries are reaching Linhof in Munich from all over the world - by mail, fax, phone or Internet: What's the year of production of my camera? What's the difference in my Linhof compared to later models of the same type? Can I use modern accessories including digital backs? These are some of the questions raised by professionals, discriminating amateurs, photo dealers and camera collectors. The Linhof history is dating back more than 127 years now. Thousands of photographers worldwide are presently using new or previously owned Linhof cameras. Thousands of collectors are still storing their "old" cameras in show cases. This second edition of the Linhof Camera Book is complimented by new developments and tailor-made products of the last decade thus combining a long history with the technique of the new millenium. This publication will show in many pictures and comments the development of Linhof cameras starting with the first Technika up to our today's designs. A"must" for all Linhof-photographers, collectors or people generally interested in photography. (english/german, 144 pages, printed in multi-colour and duplex, hardcover)

Outdoor Photography
Outdoor Photography

... is the title of a new Linhof publication which has been presented at photokina. In 72 pages, German/English, multi-colour, Pros show their outdoor shots with Linhof cameras. The heretical question is: "The End of Large Format Photography? " As rebuttal the book contains classic and modern picture concepts showing the power and authentic reality of the large format.

50 Grad
50°, Jörg Heieck

englisch / german

Jörg Heieck has used his panoramic camera travelling along the 50th degree of the northern and southern latitude with the artistic conception to combine photographs of his homeland the Rhineland-Palatinate with Patagonia. His concept was: measuring the globe following the „position of the sun“.
Heieck’s images are traces of light at different times and in different spaces.
The photographs are clear and silent compositions of huge landscapes realized in reduced black and white.
Format: 30 x 19,5 cm, Hardcover, 96 pages, Duoton

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