Master Technika 3000 mit Wechselschlitten und digitalem Rückteil
Rapid Change Adapter Slide for digital backs

Linhof is now offering a Rapid Change Adapter Slide for all Master Technika bodies. Before using the slide the 4x5 revolving back has to be removed.
The Rapid Change Adapter Slide permits the quick change of groundglass focusing to taking position of the digital back. The main digital features are now applicable with the Master Technika cameras. For example, adapter plates for different camera fittings (Hasselblad V, H, Mamiya 645 AF / AFD, Contax 645) can now be used. In conjunction with the Rapid Change Adapter Slide, even stitching is possible. The complete slide can be shifted up and down 15 mm each.

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The International Back accepts a wide selection of accessories offering convenient focus control and, of course, the full range of rollfilm and cutfilm holders for all professional film formats as well as the use of the Digi Adapter for digital imaging. Rollfilm economy with the classic all-metal Super Rollex backs, handling convenience with the slide-in Rapid Rollex, optimum detail rendition with cutfilm

Master Technika 3000Master Technika 3000

For those photographers preferring groundglass control and wide-angle efficiency on location the Master Technika 3000 is the ideal large format camera. Modern extreme wide-angle lenses can be used thanks to an integrated wide-angle focusing track inside the housing that will greatly enhance the location photographer’s work, for example, in the field of architectural photography.
The built-in Wide angle focusing track can comfortably be used by a turning knob which is placed at the outer right side
of the camera body. For extremely short focal lengths 38, 47 and 58 mm one infinity stop is provided for all 3 focal lengths thanks to individual lensboard adjustments.

Master Technika 3000 mit ScheimpflugWhen using lenses from 72 mm to 400 mm the camera front standard is again positioned on the main focusing track as usual. Focusing control remains via groundglass observation.
The Master Technika Classic and the Master Technika 3000 offer the same mechanical
possibilities for intuitive handling. It is self understood that the Master Technika 3000 can be equipped with infinity stops on the main focusing track for lenses starting with 72 mm focal length for fast and error-free findings of the required bellows extension and the positioning of lenses.

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