Linhof-Shriro photo contest in China

china wettbewerb© Joaquim Barreto

The winners are meanwhile known. Celebrating 120 years Linhof a large format photo contest had been organized by Shriro/Hong Kong and Linhof/Munich with more than 1.000 entries.

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120 Years Linhof
Professional view camera systems made in Munich are more and more demanded by discriminating photographers and artists. Today, Linhof is the oldest manufacturer of professional large format cameras in the world.

Wappen 129 Jahre Linhof

The new Crest
“120 years Linhof” is the logo of a long tradition in applied photography.

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Animation rote technika JubileeLinhof Master Technika –
Special Edition
“120 Years Linhof”

Linhof was founded in 1887. In 2007 we have celebrated the 120th anniversary issueing a limited special series of Master Technika 3000 with red leathering and other additional features. The revolvong frame bears the lasered inscription "1887-2007, 120 YEARS LINHOF" plus the consecutive numbering 001 - 120. The cover of the light hood includes the special Linhof crest LINHOF 120 YEARS Needless to say that this valuable camera is a real working tool. Today, the Master Technika is still used by the most famous and most successful photographers of the world who estimate the authentic image of the large format.
Master Technika Jubilee oben
The Linhof Master Technika is a camera system for the discriminating individualist creating breath-taking images far away from mass production. Even the change from sheet or rollfilm to digital imaging is no problem thanks to the easy adaptation of high efficiency digital back.

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